Monday, 4 May 2009

long time no see...

It's been oh a good 4 months since I last posted. Lead such a boring life lol. not much has happened. I have continued on my journey though and since the start of the shrinking myself I have lost about 25lb- have my next weigh in a WW on Thursday.

I'm not sure why I stopped posting think I just felt like if I posted a gain week I was setting myself up for failure, I know it sounds a little silly but iIdidn't want to see my gains in writing.

I do however need to overcome this and appreciate that as well as losses I will have gains if I am to have a "normal" life. I don't need to give up just because I enjoyed myself over a week or so and have gained some weight back on. This will be a natural part of my life when I reach goal. Weight fluctuates and I want to be able to not have that my whole focus. I hope that makes sense.

Over the past 12 weeks I have had gains as well as losses and you know what it doesn't bother me anymore. It happened, it's over, I'm moving on.

On a more pleasant note I have a mini goal to aim for. I am coming up to my 5th year wedding anniversary this August and I am going to Paris which I am really excited about. I am having this as my goal and want to have lost by then half of the weight I want to lose. I have lost nearly 2stone so far so the plan is to lose another 2 by August. I think I should manage it.

To aid it I have upped the exercise which I sure my body was screaming out for. Funny thing is I keep trying all these different exercises but don't half make a show of myself doing it . Went running on the Wii fit and I kept trying to run fast but my wii person get falling over lol. you had to be there :).

I sure the people walking past my window as I'm on my stepper or boxing on the wii thing im a proper little miss weirdo lol. Well I keep my cat amused lol. I'm sure she just looks on at me in disgust cats seem to have this look permenantly lol.

Weigh in thursday, fingers crossed,will post results.


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