Tuesday, 6 January 2009

1st official weigh in

The group has really taken off. I have a whole network of support , it's fantastic. I am really looking forward to seeing how each person reaches their own personal goal. You go girls :)

On a more personal level I had my first official weigh in and I am over the moon. I initially put on 5lb (glup) on over Christmas but have been trying really hard and stuck to my points everyday since I officially restarted on 1st January and I have lost 4lb wooo hooo.How good it that, Well it took two weeks to gain so it will take 2 weeks to get off.

Thanks to all your support :)

I am actually looking forward to next wi, never thought iI'dhear myself think that.

Anyway speak soon xx


  1. That's great! Congrats on the loss and the motivation. Glad you have a good group :)


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Hiya all. Well a bit about me.. This is probably my 5th time round on Weight Watchers. I have lost over 4st the 1st time then low and behold married life set it along with regular visits to the chippy and cosy nights in:). This time though I am determined to hit target and maintain it. Looking back I have probably been to goal and back with all the yo-yo-ing I have done, by creating this blog I hope to put an end to the yo-yo-ing and finally be at a healthy and happy weight. Wish me look