Friday, 2 January 2009

day two

Don't worry I wont be posting each day... Just wanted to let you know that I have passed the 1st hurdle.

I kept within points yesterday but I wanted to see how many points I would have used if I ate what I did on Wednesday. Every time I reached for the extra biscuits or chocolate I wrote it down and oh my god think I would have gone well over my points allowance 2 fold. Just goes to show you doesn't it.

Went bowling and laser quest on NYE and still feel pain in the muscles I didn't even know I had lol. Quite a busy schedule ahead of me today so hopefully that will keep my mind of eating (woulds be a first though)

anway speak soon xx


  1. It's amazing how all those little chocs and biscuits add up, isn't it?! And a great feeling when you know how many points you DIDN'T spend on useless junk :)
    Yay for you!!


  2. Well done! I keep on thinking I should do that and work out how many points I would have had, just never get around to it!!


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