Tuesday, 13 January 2009

2nd weigh in

it's that time again. a meeting with the dreaded scales , argh!!!!!.

Not to worry though :), lost 2lb again this week. So in the last 2 1/2 weeks have lost about 6lb. woo hoo.

Thank you to all the followers who have commented on my weight loss, I really appreciate it and it really helps me to keep focused. I don't know but it makes me want to succeed this time.

Anyway the violins have been put away now so here's to another week.

speak soon xx


  1. Well Done, 1lb to go until your leader stick that shiney sparkley silver 7 to your card!! And of course just 1lb to go until you have lost HALF a STONE!!!! Keep it up, we can all do this!!! xxx

  2. great job !!! keep up the good work :)


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Hiya all. Well a bit about me.. This is probably my 5th time round on Weight Watchers. I have lost over 4st the 1st time then low and behold married life set it along with regular visits to the chippy and cosy nights in:). This time though I am determined to hit target and maintain it. Looking back I have probably been to goal and back with all the yo-yo-ing I have done, by creating this blog I hope to put an end to the yo-yo-ing and finally be at a healthy and happy weight. Wish me look