Thursday, 1 January 2009

day one

Well this is it guys, the start of the rest of my life....... how cheesy does that sound lol. Seriously though I am determined this time to see it though and actually spend my time enjoying food instead of battling against it. Hopefully keeping this blog will help me in my journey and may provided support to others going though the same.

Today I am having a sort of spring clean well January clean I suppose. I am clearing out my cupboards and donating the Christmas goodies . So long Chocolate, see ya later chips and bye bye biscuits xxxx

Set my first goal today ......... Joined a winter challenge with ww online and I am going to aim to lose 20lb in 12 weeks. Fingers crossed xx

speak soon xx


  1. A positive first step in a journey i'm sure you'll have no problem completing.
    Good luck x

  2. I love you're pic, very girly! It reminds me of Betty Boop :)

    Welcome to WW and to the blogging world! Good luck on your journey :)


  3. Welcome to Blogsville.
    Linked you up.
    gl gl

  4. good luck on your journey, i will follow your progress for sure.


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Hiya all. Well a bit about me.. This is probably my 5th time round on Weight Watchers. I have lost over 4st the 1st time then low and behold married life set it along with regular visits to the chippy and cosy nights in:). This time though I am determined to hit target and maintain it. Looking back I have probably been to goal and back with all the yo-yo-ing I have done, by creating this blog I hope to put an end to the yo-yo-ing and finally be at a healthy and happy weight. Wish me look